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Why should I have my marriage ceremony in Las Vegas?

What is the Marriage Process in Nevada?

1. Apply for Marriage License

2. Obtain Marriage Documents in person

3. Exchange Vows in Presence of Witness

4. Pronouncement by Officiant

5. Complete Certificate and Keepsake by Officiant

6. File the Marriage Certificate within 10 days (I will do it for you)

7. Obtain Proof of Marriage

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Do you perform same gender marriage ceremonies?

Yes I do! And did you know that the first same gender marriage license in Nevada was issued on October 9, 2014?!

What is the cost of a Marriage Application in Nevada?

$77 for Marriage License, Marriage Certificate Filing, Marriage Promotion fee, State fee, and Marriage License Victims Violence.

What happens if you forget to bring the 3 required documents to the ceremony?

I or any officiant won't be able to perform the marriage ceremony without the three original office documents!

- Valid Marriage License, State of Nevada Certificate, and Keepsake.

Can I do a ceremony on a boat, helicopter, etc.?

Yes! The only catch is we have to say vows on Nevada soil before we leave, and restate vows if location is uncertain.

How many witnesses do I need on my ceremony day?

Legally you need at least one witness to be in the same space/room.

How do I get a legal proof of marriage?

It is $20 each and you can purchase online or in person at the County Clerk Office.

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